Let me finish: a rare insight into living with a lifelong stammer

“…the writing sang and flowed well and made this book an enjoyable read. The style of the author and the humorous undertones were polished and executed well. It made this book a light read without losing any of its message or importance. This book has a lot to offer everyone whether they read non-fiction or not.”

The Reading Bud: 4 ½ stars

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“As every person on the planet is unique, so too is every stammerer, both in how they try to speak and how they deal with it mentally. But we are all joined in unison, in that we all suffer the same underlying problem.” 

Let me finish – Paul O’Meara.

Ignoring the obvious bias, I would want to read Let me Finish.

But in all seriousness, we all have to communicate, and when you stammer most interaction is challenging. But it is more complex than that. It is not just the physical notion of speaking, it is even more intricate than that. Under the bonnet represents a twisting mechanical maze. The preparation, the tactics and the execution. Intense thought, for just a few words – and think how many words we all speak in a day. Each stage of the process, diminishing your mental resources

All this, just to buy, say, a train ticket. Then you go again. To the next mini-battle.

But Let me finish is not a sob story. I didn’t want to write a sob story, as you don’t want to read a sob story. My debut is a personally honest account about living with a stammer, sewn together with humour, self-deprecation and sincerity. Whether you speak fluently, with a stammer, or even know someone with a stammer – it is relatable and fascinating, as communication binds us all.  

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About Paul O’Meara

Paul has written many words, none more than in his debut book. He lives just outside London – well, in Kent –  and supposedly he doesn’t like mornings…

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